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Member Benefits

To grow your business effectively, you want to make sure you are targeting the ideal customer or customers. With the right help, you’ll attract the right kind of customer your business needs. Joining the Green Forest Chamber can help!

There are benefits to joining a small chamber like the Green Forest Chamber of Commerce. We do not have the huge staff and unlimited resources but offer some advantages that larger chambers do not.

We are agile. If a member have a great idea, we have the flexibility and agility to implement it quickly.

We know people. Small chambers in small towns have the benefit of familiarity when approaching businesses. Chances are you know someone who knows someone who can help with introductions or can act as a chamber reference.

People know what the chamber is and think of it as a community resource. While larger chambers have large budgets, they also have lots of competition or organizations that have similar goals. Many times in large cities, the chamber is not the first organization someone thinks of for business. In a small town, the chamber is the first one they think of for business help, phone numbers, and event planning. Most people also know who is on the chamber in a small town. We have the opportunity to help your business make a big impact.

Our Chamber relies solely on volunteer efforts. We are known around town as “the chamber guy” or “the chamber lady.” Our faces becomes synonymous with helping others and people will seek us out, even at the grocery store. That’s a benefit because people buy from those they know, like, and trust!

We have our finger on the pulse of the community. In small communities like Green Forest, it’s possible that we have a very good understanding of what you need and what community wants without spending a lot of time on surveys and questionnaires finding out. We can help your business adapt to the customers’ needs.

Finally, small chambers are some of the most creative in the industry. We are always looking for ways to do more on a smaller budget. Necessity is the mother of invention and that is seen in small chambers, like ours, around the world.